about me (sort of)

Or How to Harness Fuel out of "Failure"


Is this the part where we get a third-person chronological list of accomplishments that ends with "He resides in Los Angeles with the love of his life, their three little hooligans and Newton, the hugest cat ever"? Or is it where I should get all self-important and describe how my methods are the second coming of sliced bread and if you don't get some you're gonna miss out... and you won't have anything to hold your peanut butter and jelly with. 
Perhaps is best if we start with the accomplishments, keep it short and sweet...
But if you stumbled upon here on your detour towards your highest creative aspiration you're not that interested in what I've done, you're probably way more intrigued about what I can do for you. That makes two of us. To work with Creatives and show them how to go from struggling and stagnant to creating and contributing is my true passion and highest calling.
However if I only tell you about my method and live out all the madness, you're gonna be missing all the best parts. It's a story of overcoming a lifetime of bad choices and perpetual fucking it up, of transforming limiting circumstances into the very conditions for growth, of finding universal and practical solutions for most problems assailing creatives and of transforming my individual pursuit for authentic self-expression into a mission to ensure that every creative unlocks and realizes their full creative potential. Starting to sound too self-involved and self-important? I promise you this is not about me, if you listen closely you will soon realize this story is about the only person that matters right now...
...this is a story about you.
I believe that for better or worse we are all mirrors, guides and teachers for one another. Walking metaphors, if we can only extract the essence, the lesson, we are all inadvertently here to teach one another, so I share this as part raison d'etre, part CV through the school of hard knocks and part cautionary tale -  there's no reason for anyone to go about going about it the way I was going about it.
So for my "once upon a time", I submit to you 3 interviews where I spill the beans, my guts and the milk we are not supposed to cry over:

  • A couple of years back when I was transitioning from full-time Creator into my Creative Consultation & Coaching practice I had the privilege of sitting down with Dr. G for the filming of his Show aptly titled Backstory. Click on the vimeo link for some why's and wherefores from yours truly, hang around for great insights from Creatives Extraordinaire's Hannah Lux Davis & Kyle Newacheck:

  • For a back and forth between me and a most incredible human, Ryan Murry on his most excellent Podcast "In Touch Valley Talk", where we dive into some of the work I do, why I do it and why he decided to point his mic at me - SPOILER ALERT: We've known each other for almost as long as I've been in this country.
  • For more on the incredible work he does through his podcast and beyond, building community and bringing a message of purposeful living, checkout his entire podcast series on Itunes, Google Play and at http://www.intouchmediagroup.net

  • And for my Creative Journey through La La Land, here's me kicking it with my buddy and fellow filmmaker Desmond Devenish on his terrific Podcast "The Gunnison Group Podcast" (old headshot with longish tresses not included):