Warrior Wednesday: Brenda Adelman & The Healing Power of Forgiveness

Warrior Wednesday: Brenda Adelman & The Healing Power of Forgiveness

We all go through life having a few unresolved grudges, hooks if you will, that keep us from being the brightest, best versions of ourselves, forgiveness is never easy. But without forgiveness the hooks and grudges, vile and vitriol persists. When we hate and resent we drink the poison... so how do we stop this cycle of "hurt people hurt people", how do we forgive those that have wronged us so we may fulfill our destiny in the biggest and brightest way?

I thought I had a great handle on the whole forgiving part until I met Brenda Adelman at a conference. In a couple of intense conversations the usual "so what do you do for a living?" turned into an incredible story of overcoming and ascension. Brenda suffered a Shakespearean level tragedy and like all great Artists she was able to transform that incredible disruption to the life she once knew into an elixir not only for herself but the thousands fo lives she would eventually touch through her work on stage and her coaching. 

Step into this episode with an open heart folks, it's time to learn how healing forgiveness can truly be.

Brenda is an award-winning actor, a recipient of a Hero of Forgiveness award from the Hawaii International Forgiveness Project, has been interviewed on NPR and on Fox TV News. She’s performed her critically acclaimed one-woman show, My Brooklyn Hamlet, about the power of forgiving the unforgivable for Over 11,000 people worldwide.

She teaches performers how to create their own successful one-person shows in her online video training program, How to Create, Promote and Profit with a One-Person Show. And teaches heartcentered solopreneurs how to use their story to heal themselves, inspire others and stand out on stage and on video.

In 1995 Adelman's father shot and killed her mother and quickly married her aunt. Adelman has performed her solo-show and spoken on her 3 Step Forgiveness Process at The LA Women’s Theatre Festival, for the Coalition against Domestic Violence in Arizona and New Mexico, for the Peace and Reconciliation Center in Hawaii, for high school and university students, women prisoners, spiritual communities and the US Air Force. Brenda holds a Master's degree in Spiritual Psychology, is a transformational life coach, Storytelling Coach and Solo-Show Mentor, speaker and author of the Kindle book, My Father Killed My Mother and Married My Aunt: Forgiving the Unforgivable

Sign-up for her FREE 3 part video training series, Tell Your Story. Heal Yourself. Create More Wealth at http://www.forgivenessandfreedom.com/freetraining


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