ideation. inspiration.                            incubation. idealization.

Consultation is what I call the least intense of all the work I do... from a client's perspective. You still get my undivided focus, full strategic arsenal and commitment to serve you in a way that streamlines, refines and improves your performance; it's just delivered in a shorter window, demanding less time, commitment and investment on your part.

Consultations are usually a one-and-done engagement. It can range from having me as a speaker to meeting one-on-one in a strategy session for your individual creative performance.


Whether you're an individual wanting to test drive my methods before committing to full scale coaching or you have a project you feel just needs some laser-focus fine-tuning before it gets rolling, a consultation is a great way to get us both working together to solve what's currently most pressing in your creative journey.



mentorship for your mastery.          guidance on your journey.

Coaching is growth. Is having someone in your corner to pick out your blindspots, trouble shoot your road blocks and challenges as they occur, constantly refining your performance, mindset and goals to bring out the best in you. Coaching is having a guide always pointing you towards your true north and never letting you shy away from your greatness. 

Coaching is best employed by individuals who are ready to shorten the gap between where they are and where they wanna go. It's supporting you to set that destination so far beyond your current reach that you must become the best, sharpest, most resilient version of yourself in order to achieve it.

Coaching is not a feel good, inspirational hand-holding affair; although there's plenty to feel good about and be inspired by as the results start to pile on. Coaching is hard work; it's self-exploratory, sometimes painful, often uncomfortable work. It eradicates mediocrity, elevates your floor and gets you to breakthrough what you once thought of as your ceiling.

Coaching can be done in small groups, via phone, skype or live and one-on-one. If Coaching is for you, I'd love to get you a 30 minute complementary consultation with me.

In this introductory Strategy Session we will focus on your main struggle, get clear about ways  to optimize your processes, leaving you with a clear path to follow.


synergy. team building.                      from idea to realization.

Collaboration can be as simple as a storytelling meeting or as complex as the soup-to-nuts production of a movie.

Maybe you need your copy revised or rewritten. Perhaps your script needs a "punch-up", or maybe you need a script. Perhaps a storytelling meeting to create the foundation for your project, company or brand. Or maybe you need a producer or creative director to make it happen on time, on budget and to your specifications.

From brand content to screenwriting, development to prototyping to delivery. If you, your team or your project needs an injection of creative problem solving or an infusion of storytelling depth I'd love to hear from you.

Or maybe you need my coaching full time, on retainer, speed dial, on tour or in the room with you.

Collaboration can be one of my services or all of them rolled into one. It can be full time, full blast or sparingly.

Here is where we can abandon all previous blueprints to create our own. You set the parameters, the needs, the goal and we set our sails. Your dream is our destination.