Manifesto Monday: Give Before You Ask.

Manifesto Monday: Give Before You Ask.

" for the long tail, wake up, you want to be truly successful in life? give before you ever ask, offer before you ever take; offer value. You want something from somebody else? offer something in return first..."

Warrior Wednesday: Beats for Positive Increase w/ Ronzelli

Warrior Wednesday: Beats for Positive Increase w/ Ronzelli

Marcus "Ronzell" Campbell has been through more than most - lost both of his parents, dealt with Homelessness as well as the ever subjective "failures" that assails most Artists and creatives on their journey of creating something new. And through it all he's kept a sharp focus on his mission and message of offering "Another Option" in the Music and Entertainment space, Challenging the status quo of parties, perversion, and even protest, offering instead Beats for Positive Increase; for those who believe in productovity, collaboration and transformation. 

You can find out more about Ronzelli and Tha ZELLi Brand by clicking on his social links below.

Enjoy The Show! And here's to Positive Increase... 


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