Neto is an amazing man! I see him as a blessing that God placed in my life to help me do better and be a greater Creative soul. Neto helped me to truly shine the light on ,myself, I was no longer able to hide in the shadows and avoid all the things about me that I used as an excuse. He helped me get out of my own way, address the things that hold me back and the things that make me unique to the world. Through his coaching I was able to change my mindset, increase my confidence and focus my talents on what really matters to me, For once in my life I was challenged to really define my values and what I want the world to know about me. He helped me see the value in who I am and in the things that excite me, that a huge loss in my life is part of my story and my strength. He also challenged me to put myself out there, do something that scares me and push myself into my stretch zone. He is truly a brilliant, giving and dedicated soul. With Neto you don’t just get a coach, but you also get a friend, a partner, and a supporter. Now just because he supports you, doesn’t mean everything he tells you is always gonna be ‘good’, but it will be honest and exactly what you need to hear. I had eight weeks of guidance, advice and coaching that changed me, my life, and my outlook on things. I truly enjoyed my time working with him and I continue to rave about Neto to everyone who tells me they are in a rut or struggling with a business.
— Amanda Johnson, Lifestyle & Brand Content Photographer.
I was really lost for several years with my career, totally lost my passion and was feeling stuck in life. I’m so thankful that Neto approached me about his program and convinced me to join the group. Now I wihs I had met Neto 7 years ago when I ended my photography career! but better late than never! Neto helped me rekindle the creative passion in me and helped me reconnect the dots that had been so disconnected for so long. I’m the most thankful for his persistence in helping me reconnect the dots. He really had to battle it out with me since I’m so stubborn and strong headed as well. I’m so thankfull he did because now I have a renewed passion to pursue a creative career and I feel alive again with a clear goal in mind! Thank you for not giving up on me. Thank you for giving a crap about my life.
— Ingrid Joy - Photographer, Romantic, Creative Force
For 11+ years I’ve been in a self induced fog in which I didn’t know where to go with my life and career. I wanted to be a filmmaker, a game developer, a psychologist, and yet I didn’t know why. What Neto did was to put a big mirror in front of me and show me who I was. I was someone fearful of failure and of success. I wanted everything to turn out perfect and if it didn’t, I didn’t believe it was worth doing. This was the fog I was in and it was thick. I then realized that I didn’t like who I was and took the steps to change that. Neto helped me clear the fog and follow my own compass to a fulfilled life.
— German Sanchez - Content Creator, Master of Audio
In just one Clarity Session, Neto brilliantly read deeper into what I needed help with and helped me clarify where I should put my focus. He pulled some things out of me to help define my “Why” in a way that other coaches had not been done before. I had so many business directions and ideas clogging my mind and dispersing my focus, that I was overwhelmed and confused about what to do next. I am so appreciative to have had such a great session with Neto, which has helped me to see where my heart is at, define my immediate focus, and take inspired action
— Tania Kelvin, Creativity Coaching Artist
Neto helped me peel away years of mental clutter to discover that the answers to my questions were just waiting to be pulled back to the surface. His guidance showed me a path back to myself and who I was meant to be. I quit my dead end job and now I dedicate my energy building community and helping others declutter their lives. Through his reflections I’m continuously challenged to step outside my comfort zone and maintain on my path of growth. Nowhere else have I found this type of commitment to helping me succeed. Always there, always at the ready!
— Ryan Murry - Founder "In Touch Media Group", Podcast Host, Community Builder.
I met Neto about 3 months ago at a social event. I’m 72 years old, not a happy person, with a failing business and a failing marriage - it was hard to stay positive. I started talking to Neto and he inspired me to think that I still had what it takes to make a comeback. He offered to meet me and listen to my story. It was the best thing that could have happened to me. After that we started on a program and I feel so much better about myself and the future; I’ve got that spark back! Now he’s working with my wife and the business. I can see a good future and my outlook on life is so much better. I am planning a trip to Romania and other Eastern European countries, life is good.
— Aaron Gochman - Business Owner, Entrepeneur, World Traveller.
My Clarity Sessions with Neto was mind blowing. Here I am a creative entrepreneur with multiple businesses doing what I “love”. I was just looking to make more money, possibly scale back from one business. I didn’t even know I was going in the wrong direction, until my session with Neto. He was able to go through my life like a movie director; he pulled out my strengths, reoccurring patterns and things I would not have thought about. I had a major breakthrough, which lead to me getting extremely clear about my message and purpose for my business. There is nothing like having clarity and a plan of action...without it you are wasting time and money. I’m forever grateful for Neto and his work.
— Antwonette Stevenson - Fashion Designer, Speaker, Entrepreneur
A great screenwriter once told me “writing is like the journey taken by Columbus: you set your sails for India, but you must prepared to discover a new world along the way. When I started my process with Neto all I was looking for was a safe route to my already known “India”, but guided by him I ended up discovering the New World, my new world. I rediscovered my voice, transformed my paradigms and now I feel more focused in what is truly essential to my work, and most of all my life. That is not to say that it’s been all “smooth sailing”, our mind and body resist such change, we feel like resorting back to what we know, our comfort zone. But all of Neto’s focus is on getting us out of our comfort zone and directed towards our highest potential. What I feel today is not only essential but irrefutable, much like my gratitude for our collaborative exchange.
— Thiago Dottori - Emmy Award Winning Screenwriter "VIPs", "Pedro & Bianca", HBO Brazil's "Psi"
Neto is the best creative collaborator I’ve ever worked with. He continually takes any idea I bring to the table and makes it better and better, while somehow always preserving my original vision and intention. He has a unique and special gift in his understanding of the creative process - and if you are lucky enough to work with him, he will make your projects shine.
— Charlie Griak - Filmmaker "The Center", "Stalking Nina"
In speaking with Neto, one always gets much more than they bargained for. Because I’m a generally thoughtful and confident person, there are very few people who can entirely shift my perspective during a conversation. Yet time and time again, talking to Neto has illuminated previously unexplored pathways of thought. A master of metaphor, Neto coaxes you to understand truths in a way that resonates with you personally. And inherent human stubbornness and defensiveness in the face of change crumbles because his point is never just to change your mind, but to help you as best he can on a deeper level. He is committed to getting you to fly higher and higher. Our last conversation had to do with marketing myself as an actor. I had what I believed was a sound strategy, but through talking with Neto, I realized that my planned strategy with regard to agents was actually doing my “brand” a disservice. He also got me to think of “essence” instead of “type” by finding the common thread between the kinds of roles I pitch myself for. Going forward with this information, I can now look to my essence as a north star when it comes to general look, headshots, and audition submissions. As usual, after a conversation with Neto, I left with some wonderful wisdom and the quiver of my mind filled with new, sharp arrows. He’s the best!
— Vasilios Asimakos - Actor, Writer, Podcast Host
Neto has helped me dive deep into who I am behind the facade I had inadvertently created by reconnecting to my inner essence. We have uncovered my purpose and what I am here to do. Working together has given me a sense of permission to be unapologetic about the life I am choosing to live. During our sessions, I have been brought to tears, I have been overwhelmed with joy and insight and I have even been infuriated by issues that I misunderstood, yet have been carrying with me all this time, to focus on what matters. I am a singer who does Reiki and am passionate about both and while others tell me to pick one thing, Neto encourages me to express all of my gifts while grounding myself in my essential truth. Get ready to get grounded and “flying” all at once.
— Edward Rivera - Singer, Songwriter, Reiki Master.



I only work with committed people who are looking to better their best. Whether through a Consultation, a Coaching Program or Full Blown Collaboration my Process is Directed to those who are ready to Step Into Their Greatness and Commit to Playing the Game Full Out.

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And the work we do together is to transform your Purpose into a Plan, your Passion into Action and that "quiet" Inner Spark into the Guiding Light of your Life. 

If you're ready to Invest in Yourself and you're Committed to Shattering your previously perceived Ceiling, I'm here to support, guide and empower you on your own Journey of Growth, Success and Fulfillment. 

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The most rewarding moment in my work is not when the project or vision is accomplished, if we do our work well, that becomes an inevitability. The moment that's most beautiful to watch is when the shift happens, when the mind "clicks" and what was once impossible or "too-far" becomes not only probable but a near inevitability. 

Ideas, after all, are a dime a dozen, but each of us are a "one-in-a-billion", so it's not what we come up with it, but how we engage with it, shape it, and most of execute it. That's where the Spark becomes a Brilliant Gift we can offer to others.

My clients don't belong to a demographic, they don't share an age range, gender, socioeconomic status, ethnicity or zip code; what they share in common, is the nagging feeling that they have more to give, that there best work is yet to come, if they could only move out of the fog, "clear the pipes" if you will, and get unstuck...back to creating again, back to doing their best work and sharing it with the world.

Here are some of the videos they've recorded after our time together: