The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the Universe, to match your nature with Nature.
— Joseph Campbell

Far too often, and for far too many, the creation process remains a mystery.

If inspiration is the propelling force of the creative engine, what Ignites it? Where does the first Spark come from? Whence does the melody which the composer turns into song? How can the writer find her way out of the blank page? How can the actor find his way into the soul of a character? 

Countless Creatives have recounted the moment when inspiration hits, as if it were an inexplicable burst arising from somewhere in our mind, perhaps our body or maybe even our soul. Elizabeth Gilbert believes there is a fountain where we seek it and from whence we receive it. Joseph Campbell spoke of our "Bliss Station" as a physical place for us to disconnect from our daily personas, reconnect with our inner nature and find our creative bliss. It is not uncommon to attribute the act of creation to a connection with the universe around us but even more innately so the connection, the integration of our inner and outer world as one. This holistic ebb and flow, of wholeness, environment and observer, creature and creator, dance and dancer, inextricably interconnected in the movement of creation.  

And if the creative process thrives in this universal presence, one must then be able to align one’s self with this most primordial of all forces. Creation being less of a physical process (this is not to discount the self-evident fact of all that transpires in chipping away at the marble until there’s nothing left but the masterpiece within) than an outward expansion of one’s innermost truth. This most essential tool of creation, innate to all and specific to each, becomes then the artist’s highest attainment. For even beyond their technique and craft, in order to bring about something entirely unique, one must deep dive into the infinite well of their own uniqueness, becoming profoundly acquainted with their innermost essence. 

We know that in life we often disconnect from what is essential; taking upon ourselves layers and layers of obligations, duties, fears...  loads and loads of unnecessary extra weight which bogs us down leading us to our eventual disconnection, where creativity ceases to be the ever present constant in our lives; and then even when we summon the strength to reignite its flames, we no longer surmise it in its fullest potential.  And unlike in the stories we create there are no magic potions, no Abracadabras, no metaphysical shortcuts to get us back to our infinite source of inspiration. We can't force our way back in, we can only fine-tune ourselves back to our inner nature; sharpening every tool at the service of keeping the channel open, fostering every skill at the service of this undying light we all carry.

And so fostering and sharpening and fine-tuning we must; that is the way in, that is the path forward. We must let go of our baggage, drop the mask, clear the clutter and commit to boldly go where no one else has ever gone, or can ever go - our own inner depth. And there in this most vulnerable and darkest of caves we shall face our fears, slay our inner doubts, and unshackle ourselves from the old; making our way back anew with our own elixir, our own individual answers, and on our own authentic path to creative fulfillment.